Colon Cancer Foundation Rebrand


The Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation was founded by Michael Sapienza who lost his mother, Chris, to colon cancer. And like so many start-ups and new business ventures that begin with a solid idea and passionate people behind it, the Chris4Life foundation quickly found themselves outgrowing the look that had gotten them off the ground.

Logo Design

The original logo was comprised of four overlapping hands of varying color combinations that was difficult to read when reduced in size. Our goal was to design a logo that retained the sense of unity of the original and reflected the warmth and compassion of the colorectal cancer community. It needed to be bolder, more contemporary, cleaner and well-balanced. It needed to project a personality that was Chris herself, strong and tenacious, loving and full of life.

Our logo exploration took us down several roads. We explored the simple punctuation mark itself, hands (to reflect the support of a community), the heart (to signify boundless love), the colon shape, hands forming an upside down heart (resembling one’s bottom), a human figure with arms raised in victory, the letter “c” (for cancer and for Chris), and, of course, the remembrance ribbon in blue (the color designated to represent the fight against colorectal cancer). 

The client eventually gravitated toward the script-like ribbon forming the letter “C” . Internally it became known as “The Victory C”.

This Victory C, paired with a clean, humanistic, sans serif typeface, creates a simple, bold logo that makes a powerful statement while retaining a friendly, approachable quality.

The Chris4Life tagline is at the heart of their brand platform. Their vision for the future, their core values, their promise to their audience, their personality and their unique position in the world fully encompass one simple and honest sentence – “We’re here for you.”  After careful consideration and the trial of many different taglines, we were editing a letter from the founder when we realized that his over-arching message to the colorectal cancer community was that Chris4Life was “there for them”.

A standard stationery set was one of the deliverables.

Wellness Kit

One’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, cure, and recovery is one of the most trying times a person can endure. Chris4Life needed a way to empower those affected by colorectal cancer; we combined much of the information and resources they provide into a comprehensive kit to help guide the patients, families, and caregivers through their difficult journey.

The multitude of information in the folder includes a 16-page wellness guide, a fold-over mission statement card, and four infographic postcards.