Destination Wild Style Frames

National Geographic Channel

Nat Geo requested style frames for a sizzle reel for a new series called “Destination Wild”. Our exploration in design resulted in the breaking up of specific words in the script to enhance the messaging. Typography and the Nat Geo border are embedded into the environment to create scenes that are larger than life and unmistakably “wild”!

Concept One

Bold, adventurous and “un”reserved was the concept here. 3D letterforms are a stark contrast to the natural world. They’re immersed in the scene – perfectly integrated and making a dynamic statement.

Concept Two

In this direction, the prefix “un” fills a large area of the screen while the base word connects stunning imagery and word in a seamless, subtle and intriguing manner.

Concept Three

In these frames, the Nat Geo border becomes a lens-like portal to capture and frame the action. Footage inside the border is treated to highlight movement and color.

Concept Four

Typography becomes more kinetic in this approach. Letterforms are broken up and linear elements splice type and border elements in an edgy and energetic manner.