Team Rebrand & Promotional Campaign

District Multisport

A Washington D.C.-based triathlon organization was taking on a new name and becoming District Multisport. The sport of triathlon consists of swimming, biking and running and the team’s members are some of the most gifted and dedicated amateur athletes on the planet. We branded the team from head to toe with a look that stands out from the crowd and looks seriously fast on the race course. Followed by some beautiful photography on The National Mall and a promo film of these athletes in training mode.

Logo and team gear

Using the D.C. flag as our springboard, we explored designs that incorporated wings, stars & stripes, eagles and more. The final design forms the letter D which is broken up into thirds – each representing the individual disciplines of the sport. The team gear provided a wide array of apparel and accessories – everything from cycling jerseys to tri-suits – jackets and swim caps.

the photoshoot

Using iconic D.C. monuments as our backdrop, we outfitted a select group of athletes and shot them at sunrise to catch that perfect light. Dramatic. Bold. Intense. Stunning. District Multisport is beaming with pride over their new look and it could very well be that tiny edge that’s needed to get them on the podium.