In Focus Special Series Open


Award-winning producer and photo-journalist Bethany Swain came to us for the design of her “In Focus” series. These stories told through the lenses of CNN’s photojournalists covered a wide range of subjects… everything from those affected by an ailing economy to poignant stories of American veterans and their struggles and successes to stories related to climate change and healthcare . Stories of inspiration and hope and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


CNN’s Tom Foreman and their team of photojournalists present a special that pays tribute to America’s veterans.


2012 was a huge year in food, from a “pink slime” lawsuit, and upswing in contamination and the devastation wreaked by a massive drought to Paula Deen’s diabetes revelation, increased scrutiny of foie gras and pork producers, and the (likely) end of Twinkies. CNN’s photojournalists took a closer look and with a fresh perspective.

Green Solutions

This stop-animation was hand-built and brought to life for one of the “In Focus” specials.

“Green Solutions” – a fictitious little town created from recycled cardboard, aluminum cans and popsicle sticks.