Convention and Trade Expo Video

National Association of Realtors

How do you make the future of real estate Inspiring, Exciting, Fresh, Fun, and Attention-Grabbing? We were tasked with creating a video for the National Association of Realtors to kick off their annual Realtor Party Convention & Trade Expo.

creating a look

Much like the workings of a mapping system, the colorful lines acted as a navigational tool, guiding the viewer through the story. Seamless transitions, playful typography, and a dynamic use of space and movement kept the energy and pace lively throughout the piece.

A Universal Figure

We created two sets of silhouettes to represent realtors. One set dresses the female in a sweater and a skirt and the male in a suit and tie. We designed an optional set stylizing the figures to their simplest form. The client ultimately chose to go the more simplistic approach and the end product became a uniquely designed pictogram.