The Raid Documentary Film Campaign

Blue Loon Films

World of Warcraft players across the globe take part in “Raids” where they engage in virtual match-ups of good vs. evil. Film Director Kevin Johnson produced a feature-length documentary on the lives of these raiders, an adventure in and of its own.

Our valiant quest included designing the logo, print collateral, t-shirts, and the online look, as well as producing the title sequence.

The logo exploration took us on a journey across the fantasy realm.

Posters were designed to advertise the debut screening at an after-party for BlizzCon, a convention held by the makers of World or Warcraft.

Detailed styleframes convey the player’s self-imposed solitude when focused on an intense battle or quest; the only light coming from the computer screen, emulating the dim-lighting of a cold, dank dungeon.

Many concepts were explored for the t-shirt design. The final choice declares, “when I grow up… I wanna slay dragons!”