Interactive Video

University of Southern California

When experiential design firm Advent Results informed us they were involved in a large-scale project that was a joint venture between USC and Nike and that they’d like to collaborate with us, we jumped at the opportunity.  Advent was tasked with branding USC’s John McKay Center, a facility that would “nurture, train, and educate USC Trojans from all 21 sports for years to come”.

An integral part of the design was a display area called the Nike Gear Wall. An 80-foot wall highlighting an athlete from each sport and the Nike gear associated with that sport. The items included game jerseys, practice gear and travel accessories.  Our challenge was to create a series of videos that would show off each item of gear. Advent supplied hundreds of “model” and “gear” photos to be considered for the animations.

This 10-foot video was to be the centerpiece of the wall.  We worked closely with the design team at Advent to create an energetic and dynamic animation that resembled an interactive shopping spree. The animation needed to be easily modifiable for the 21 different sports since each sport would have a different amount of gear. Mixed with some kick-ass music, the animation stopped guests, alumni and potential recruits in their paths and left them salivating and proud to be a Trojan or inspired to become one.