Zootopia Branded Entertainment Spots


How do you turn TLC into “Tails-L-C”? With a little help from some four-legged friends, of course!

In this Telly and Promax award-winning campaign, two well-known brands come together to promote a sneak peek at a highly anticipated film. We teamed up with TLC to promote Disney’s latest creation, Zootopia, a film taking place in a gleaming metropolis populated by anthropomorphic mammals. It was one “wild” ride–pun intended!

Using an animation toolbox provided by Disney, and working with the TLC production staff, we researched every mammal known in the animal kingdom to swap out and create new show titles that mimicked TLC programming. With an accelerated schedule and lots to do, we had to be clever as a fox and as quick as a bunny.

Using a variety of skins, hides, and pelts, we “animalized” the TLC logo.*
*No animals were harmed in the making of these logos.

The same animation toolbox provided us with enough content to develop multiple versions of the promo, each slightly different from one another.